The Perfect Soil Recipe

Soil for MSU Rose Garden

(1/2 cubic yard)

For one half cubic yard of soil (about 81 heaping shovels full), the formula we modified for the MSU Rose Garden soil mix based on the Tyler Rose Garden formula:

27 shovels of Planter’s Mix or Super Soil with ground pine bark in it

27 shovels of good loamy top soil

27 shovels of composted horse manure

3 lbs of triple 13 fertilizer,

3 lbs of Domolitic limestone pellets,

2 lbs of Alfalfa meal or pellets (15% protein),

2 lbs of Cottonseed Meal (39% protein),

and one and one half (1 ½) ounces of slow release pellets (Osmokote or Once, etc).

The slow release will have some need trace elements in it.

The Tyler, Texas Formula

(1 cubic yard)

A blend of materials for the soil media their roses are grown in consists of the following:

½ yard of good weed free ‘top soil’. It is actually a good sandy loam.

½ yard of Vital Earth’s rose mix, which should consist of equal parts aged pine bark, peat replacer, and sand with some time release micros.

6 lbs of 13-13-13 commercial fertilizer

6 lbs of pelletized Dolomitic limestone

4 lbs of alfalfa pellets (15% protein)

4 lbs of cotton seed pellets (39% protein)

Add 3 ounces of a slow release like Osmokote to this if you do not use the Vital Earth rose mix.