Fourth of July



Other Rose Types

Our  list of Climbers, Shrubs and other rose types  includes varieties from popular American hybridizers including newer introductions as well as time honored favorites. Varieties with an asterisk * are AARS trial winners.

        Fourth of July



America*, orange

Aunt Ruth, pink blend

Dale's Climber, orange
Don Juan,

Fourth of July*, red & white

Joseph’s Coat, red blend

Parade, pink
Stormy Weather, mauve(purple)

ShrubsHybrid Musk

Belinda's Dream, pink

Outta the Blue, mauve



Antique Roses (limited supply)

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Baronne Henriette de Snoy, pink blend (tea)1897

Caldwell Pink, med pink (polyantha)


Céline Forestier light yellow (noisette) 1842

Clothilde Soupert med pink (tea)1883

Ducher, white (china)1869

Felicia, pink blend (hybrid musk)1928

Francis Dubreuil, dark red (tea)1894

G. Nabonnand orange pink (tea)1888

Kronprinzessin Viktoria von Preussen white (bourbon)1887

Louis Philippe, red blend (china)1834

Madame Antoine Mari,pink blend (tea)1901

Mlle Cecile Brunner light pink (polyantha)1880

Mrs. B. R.Cant, medium pink (tea)1901

Mrs. Dudley Cross yellow blend (tea)1908

Monsieur Tillier,orange/pink blend (tea)1891

Mutabilis, yellow blend (china)<1894

Nacogdoches, yellow (shrub) "found rose"

Perle d’Or, yellow blend (polyantha)1875

Rêve d’Or, med yellow (noisette)1869

Sombreuil, white (Large climber)1880







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