Our  list of Floribundas includes many varieties from popular American hybridizers including newer introductions as well as time honored favorites. Varieties with an asterisk * are AARS trial winners and f following a variety indicates that it is a fragrant rose.





Angel Face, f mauve

Blueberry Hill, mauve

Chihuly, red blend

Cinco de Mayo, red

Doris Day, yellow

Easy Does It, orange

Else Poulsen, med pink

*Europeana, red

First Kiss, light pink

First Edition, orange

Gingersnap, orange blend

Golden Holstein, deep yellow

Hannah Gordon, red blend

*Hot Cocoa, rust

Iceberg, white

Intrigue, plum purple

*Julia Child, med yellow

Koko Loco, mauve blend

Lady of the Dawn, pink

Lavaglut, dark red


Love Song, lavender

Madison Grace, pink blend

Mardis Gras, yellow blend

Moondance, white

Nicole Miller, f mauve

Oh My!, dark red

Playgirl, med pink

Pumpkin Patch, orange

Pure Poetry, yellow blend

*Scentimental, f red/white striped

Sexy Rexy, pink

Sheila’s Perfume, yellow/pink

Shockwave, yellow

Showbiz, red

Sierra Lady, orange

Trumpeter, brilliant orange

Tuscan Sun, apricot blend

Vavoom, orange blend

White Licorice, white

White Sugar, white


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